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Looking for a different way to improve your coaching?

Been copying what others do and not getting the same results as them?

Looking to get ahead but can see the current approach isn’t going to help?

Maybe it’s time for a change?

In personal success, life and business, people use and follow principles, but rarely does it happen in sport. It doesn’t make sense. Coaches who are successful follow principles (whether they realize it or not) and develop their own training system based around those principles to get them to the top.

Why continue to soldier on and hope you get results?

Why not allow principles to work for you so you can make improvements and success inevitable?

At its essence, principles are a code which you hold yourself to though they are also more than that.

Principles are a form of natural law and being a form of natural law they are a constant and therefore being a constant, they give you a standard to measure against. Being a standard to measure against you can begin to make very good decisions on what you want to do.

The aim of this web site and book is to open up an approach to coaching which most are unaware of and to show there is an alternative to the current way of coaching. Wander the web site, discover the principles, buy the book, challenge your thinking and improve your coaching.

We all won’t go on to coach at the top level, though we can all improve at what we do, become the best in the area that we live in, in the sport that we play and the level we compete at.

Robin Clarkson